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26 May: Normand Don Deveraux Memorial Service

The U.S. Consular Agency in Puerto Vallarta provides emergency services to American Citizens residing in or visiting the area around Vallarta... Read More

The Foreign Medical Program is a program established to provide health care benefits to U.S. veterans with VA-rated service-connected conditions who are residing or traveling abroad... Read More

1 May 14 Executive Committee Minutes

22 April 14 General Member Meeting Minutes

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Welcome to Banderas Bay's
American Legion Post 14

The general membership meeting is held the 3rd Tuesday 11am at Steve’s Sports Bar which is located at 286 Basilio Badillo, in Old Town Vallarta. Check their website at Puerto Vallarta Sports Bar for more information. The executive meeting is held the 1st Thursday 11am of every month at various locations. Check our coming events below for location.

If you would like to donate to support our many efforts in Puerto Vallarta please use on Paypal account below abd thank you.

Community Relations

One of the main methods Post 14 contributes to the community is through various fund raising efforts. Another way we help is to provide necessary resources and manpower to improve various institutions in the Banderas Bay area. These institutions include Day Care Centers, Senior Citizens Homes, Schools for the Disabled and Deaf, Public Schools in rural areas and other private institutions needing building maintenance. If you are going to be in Puerto Vallarta and would like to help us help the local community please complete this short survey. Thank you and we hope to see you soon.

Jay Sadler Project: Assist American Legion membership in their desire to fulfill a social contribution to the community of Banderas Bay. Provide necessary resources that enable Military Veterans to actively help various institutions through building maintenance and upkeep. To learn more about this wonderful cause please contact us.

Youth Football: TorpedosPV is inviting all children between 7 and 18 years and girls between 7 and 13 to play American football. They still need children, mostly between 7 and 11, all are welcome. They also accept donations for underprivileged children that would like to play but are unable to cover the cost. If you are interested, they can do it by exchange of advertising either in the uniform of the player or putting their promos in the local games that we will have during the season. Thanks from the TorpedosPV. Click here to learn more or please contact us for more information.

Banderas News: The Banderas News recently published an informative article about Post 14 and the charity work our members are accomplishing in the community... Read More

Here are some of the other ComREL work the post is doing in September.

U.S. Consular Agency in Puerto Vallarta, 27 Jan 14 update: Check here for details.

Coming Events

Thursday June 5: Executive Meeting 11am Sea Monkey (All Welcome)
Tuesday June 17: Membership Meeting 11 am Steve’s Sports Bar
Thursday July 2: Executive Meeting 11am Location to be determined
Friday July 4th: Looking for event, any suggestions?

Puerto Vallarta Health Care

American Legion member Russ Mills recently obtained IMSS Health Insurance in Puerto Vallarta and has documented the process for other members.  This information is extremely useful for anyone interested in acquiring IMSS Health Insurance… Read More

Friends and Photos

Puerto Vallarta DIF (Social Services) acknowledging service to the disabled community by Fred Crowley, Martha Ponce, Director Busca un Amigo, Jay Sadler, Dennis Rike and Dina Rike. The American Legion looking good in Puerto Vallarta.

Kelly Trainor Consular Agent presenting Community Service award to American Legion members Dennis Rike and Ron Abbe.